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Data Warehouse - Business Intelligence

SAP Consulting Business Information Warehouse

The market's globalization/internationalization and greater intensity in competition require faster, more accurate management decisions. Increasingly, a prerequisite for economic success is not only the selection of the proper strategy, but also the fast implementation of that strategy in the operative business.

A precondition for this is company-wide information management that will deliver up-to-date, transparent and consistent data and key figures. The relevant information for decision supporting tasks must be provided to all company levels.

The data warehouse plays an essential role in providing a company with up-to-date IT and informatics services. Data warehouse technologies with tools for data extraction, administration, analysis and presentation are a fundamental base for this purpose.

From design to startup, SI PRO will gladly support your data warehouse solutions.

We have extensive know-how regarding the business information warehouse from SAP AG (SAP BW). We have been working with customers with great success in implementing the SAP BW from the beginning - i.e. since version 1.0.

We will gladly support you from the design to the startup of your data warehouse solutions.