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Process Control

The growing number of regulatory requirements and obligations cause the fundamental problem of how process risks can be monitored in the industry and how compliance can be ensured with economically justifiable efforts.


A basic approach is to define checkups based on criteria and to carry out automated and rule-based comparisons of target and actual situations. Such criteria for checkups could be:

  • Why? → Reason
  • How often? → Time and quantity
  • How work-intensive? → Degree of automation
  • What is controlled? → Categories of process control


If such a process risk is identified or defined for example on the basis of the violation of a rule or with the help of experience, appropriate countermeasures can be taken.


We support the implementation of automated checkups in your integrated or special business processes. We offer to accompany you professionally from the functional concept to the technical implementation of SAP GRC Process Control and, if required, also with further SAP solutions such as SAP GTS Compliance and EHSM.


Examples from the industry:

  • Material or substance data is changed. Process risk: Deviation of production result or quality
  • The tolerance limits for the temperature of synthesis products is increased in the recipes. Process risk: Explosion risk increased
  • Purchase order of materials that are not legally compliant. Process risk: Possible incompliance with the applicable law (e.g. REACH, TSCA, RoHS)