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REACH Compliance

The new EU REACH regulation requires that substances that are placed on the market within the EU need to be registered with the European Chemical Agency (ECA). This regulation applies not only to chemical companies, but to any company that uses chemicals.

SI PRO offers consulting services for REACH Compliance Management with SAP. Our REACH expertise is based on various implementations of SAP solutions for REACH compliance, e.g. EH&S Substance Volume Tracking.

Below we have listed individual SAP components for integrated REACH compliance management and typical requirements for their implementation. In the box below you find an overview of SAP's solutions for REACH compliance management and typical challenges and questions regarding the planning and management of the REACH registration process.

Integration EH&S System - Prepare EH&S substance database for REACH relevant data elements e.g. provide necessary master data structures for Substance Volume Tracking. Typical requirements in this context are the substance definition according to REACH, requirements on substance compositions, cascading, data elements on list substance level, data elements on real substance level, data maintenance instructions, integration into material concept, etc.

Interface IUCLID5-EH&S - IUCLID is the software application used to capture, store, maintain and exchange data on the intrinsic and hazard properties of chemical substances. Companies need IUCLID to fulfill their obligation to submit data to the ECA. The implementation of the IUCLID 5 interface requires, amongst other activities, the definition and implementation of a data ownership and data maintenance model as well as property and phrase mapping.

EH&S Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) and ERP Master Data - EH&S Substance Volume Tracking determines and stores the produced and imported quantities on a list substance level. All relevant business processes need to be considered and the respective selection criteria need to be maintained (Document Types, Plants, Materials, Movement Types, etc.) in the Substance Volume Tracking configuration. Substance Volume Tracking functionality can also be used to comply with other regulations e.g. DSL/NDSL.

EH&S Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) - Global Trade Server (GTS) Interface - GTS is the tool to centrally define, execute and control global trade compliance rules within SAP. The SVT-GTS interface enables SAP customers to check the REACH compliance status of all exports and imports.

SAP REACH Compliance Solution - The requirements for REACH program managers are the implementation of a safe and efficient registration process, streamlined project management of various parallel registration projects that meet registration deadlines, the coordination of a multitude of internal and external partners as well as stringent cost management. The SAP REACH Compliance Solution offers the relevant tools in a web-based interface based on the SAP standard master data and functionality.

Product Safety
  • Which substances are affected?
  • Which data elements are required for registration?
  • What is the status of the exiting data elements?
  • Which studies must be conducted?
  • Did the vendor register?
  • Are the registered substance volume limits sufficient?
  • Does the non-EU vendor have a representative in the EU?
  • Are all products registered?
  • What are my customers' use and exposure scenarios ?
  • What is the monetary value of a substance?
  • Does the required data exist for all Recipes / Bills of Materials?
  • Is our own exposure scenario registered?
  • Are all input and output materials registered?
Regulatory Affairs / REACH Program Manager
  • What is the status of the registration?
  • Are manufacturing and purchasing in compliance?
  • Have all required dossiers been sent to the ECA completely and in the correct format?
  • What are the registration costs?

 Support for REACH at DKSH Holding Ltd. (PDF, englisch)

 Flyer: REACH (PDF, english)