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Recipe Development

Within the new product development & introduction process, SAP Recipe Development plays a central role. Based on the SAP Specification Database, SAP Recipe Development is a powerful tool that can centrally create and manage all product data such as recipes, formulas, process instructions or additional documents.

Recipe Development is geared towards the Process Industry and offers special functionality for the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods industries.

Because SAP Recipe Development is seamlessly integrated into the SAP system, product data is available in the relevant process areas including manufacturing, distribution, procurement, EH&S, quality management, etc. An example is the creation of PP-PI master recipes that are automatically generated from SAP Recipe Development. Moreover, the integration into EH&S guarantees that new or changed recipes comply with relevant regulations. Specific functionality is also available for the development of product packaging materials.

SI PRO Consulting has a proven track record of supporting clients in designing and implementing SAP Recipe Development, as well as in developing custom specific add-ons for this tool.


Success Story:
 Recipe Development at Ashland Inc. (PDF, english)